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"The Venture is a gem of a project."

The Guardian

"From modest beginnings it has grown into a large and thriving hub, serving and being served by the community from which it draws its vitality. Although its prime function is to provide a safe and fun place for children to play and to explore their potential, it also provides an arena within which potential problems for children and families can be picked up on and worked with. The long-term commitment of skilled staff members facilitates the development of relationships of trust with parents and children and this, undoubtedly, greatly eases the process of intervention."

Glasgow University

"There is always a lovely atmosphere in the place as all the staff help in whatever way they can. They have a real feel for the children and youth of the area and work their utmost in achieving amazing results."

Head of Wrexham Behaviour Support Service

"The Venture is one of the best [children's organisations] in the country if not in Europe."

Former Secretary of State for Wales

"Staff at The Venture are suitably qualified and provide a truly remarkable service for the children in this locality. The care provided on a day to day basis for each child attending is beneficial to the individual, their family and the local community as the service continues to benefit under eights, those over eight and teenagers. Many children remain involved with the service when they become adults.

The Venture is there for the community.

The Venture is a community."

Care Inspectorate Wales 

"It is fair to say that The Venture has earned for itself an international reputation as a beacon of best practice in the provision of children's play. It has successfully used this core provision - designed and led by the children themselves - as a springboard for understanding and then responding to specific needs of children and young people within a very deprived community."

Head of BBC Children In Need

"What is so special about The Venture? Some of the answers might lie in its wide age range from babies to grandparents; the extensive activities it carries out; its ownership by the community; the scarcity of vandalism, theft or graffiti; the fact that it is uncompromising in its health and safety measures; its full consultation with children; an extensive communication network with other organisations and agencies and a balanced philosophy with an holistic view of children and their lives. Furthermore, juvenile crime appears to have been drastically reduced in the locality since The Venture opened." 

National Children's Bureau

"One of the most important outcomes has been the development of ambition and self-belief. This has led to what appears to be a quite dramatic change in direction for many of our students on the project. Working with The Venture appears to have made a very significant difference with often life changing results."

Head of Ysgol Rhosnesni High School 

"In my 10 years of working for a voluntary sector organisation I have never seen such a relationship between a youth centre and the local community."

Prince's Trust

"The Venture truly is remarkable and the staff and volunteers you have, I believe are the reason for its success! The playground is truly outstanding and your passion for the work you are engaged in is truly admirable."

Waterloo Foundation

"We were completely in awe of the whole project and the fabulous work you all do there. I think the biggest surprise for all of us was that it's less like a play project and more like a huge extended family - with all that entails!"

The Action Group, Pather, Scotland

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