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"It is invaluable as an opportunity for physically challenging outdoor play with others. There is enormous potential for exploring using tools as a life skill activity."


"I have a son with autism. The Venture playground is his only access to a social life of his own in a safe environment where I can feel he is taken care of. This is due to the amazing management and staff."

"The Venture is a key part of the community which offers numerous services from free play, sports and respite for parents and a place where kids can play safe and talk about their problems in confidence." 

RDAD15Ball Supporter Wales Size 5, 2017

"My children enjoy going to The Venture and socialising and interacting with lots of activities."

"They are always there, on my doorstep, if I need them for help and advice. They are essential to our community and my children are growing into amazing young adults with the help of the amazing staff at The Venture which is invaluable to me as a single parent."


"The Venture is the heart of the community. There is something for everyone of all ages. It allows children and young people to express themselves in a safe environment as well as building confidence and new life skills."

"The support The Venture not only give to young people but also the parents. The Venture feed the children during the school holidays and they also provide Christmas presents to families who struggle that time of year so children don't miss out on Christmas."


"My grandchildren have gone there for years and still do on most days. You know they are safe there and the staff are fantastic with them."

"My nephew, who I foster, absolutely loves it. The staff have been so good with helping him with reading and doing crafts and make him very welcome and settled."


"Many children are looked after and have been protected because of The Venture. They build relationships, learn new skills and some children rely on The Venture to meet their basic needs such as food."

"I work at the local school. Knowing children have a safe environment to access after school hours is extremely important. Also, the community gather at the playground for lots of events."

"The Venture runs lots of activities in the community. Having a large family, I cannot afford days out or holidays so to have somewhere that gives my children memories that will last is extremely important." 

"An incredible opportunity for my children to play and be free from the stresses of modern life for a little while."


"It is very difficult to take children somewhere outdoors that they can learn and make fires under adult supervision. It is a fabulous learning environment for children, bringing on child initiated learning, getting them out in the outdoors learning environment, keep children out of trouble and improving many children's well-being. My two daughters love to come here, meet their friends and enjoy time making dens and give the parents a break to enjoy five minutes when children are entertained playing how they should be not indoors on an Xbox."

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