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"They have helped me out over the years and do magnificent work."

"The Venture helped me gain the qualifications and confidence to go on to be in a management role which I would never have done and the younger generation deserve the same opportunities."

"The Venture plays a vital role in my mental health and well-being. Without it I wouldn't cope."

"The help and support there is on my doorstep. It provides a place to go for younger kids and adults. I'm 42 and The Venture has always been a big part of my life."


"They are always there, on my doorstep, if I need them for help and advice. They are essential to our community and my children are growing into amazing young adults with the help of the amazing staff at The Venture which is invaluable to me as a single parent."


"The Venture is the heart of the community. There is something for everyone of all ages. It allows children and young people to express themselves in a safe environment as well as building confidence and new life skills."

"The support The Venture not only give to young people but also the parents. The Venture feed the children during the school holidays and they also provide Christmas presents to families who struggle that time of year so children don't miss out on Christmas."


"The Venture has been a massive part of the community for a long time. It's an immense help and support for parents and children."

"The Playworkers provide many things: community cohesion, support for young people, a haven for kids to go when they may not have anywhere else. And, of course, essential space and time for play."

"The Venture has supported me, and a lot of families like mine, through tough times."

"It's somewhere you can go and seek help without feeling under pressure."

"I can get so much help from The Venture. Nothing is ever too much troubleand there's not much help in the Caia Park area, and we are livigin in a deprived area. The Venture provides a safe environment for my children to play and talk to the play staff about any problems they have. Also they provide excellent community events free of charge which are beneficial to the morale of the community."


"There are few places I can get help and support for me and my family where people will help you find the right places and where children can be safe and cared for."


"The staff there are wonderful."

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