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The children, young people and I had a messy/creative week last week making our papier mâché Easter eggs! We had some really colourful patterns and designs.


It was nice to enjoy an activity with the children before I finish my placement on Friday. 


A massive thank you to Lidl for donating fruit and vegetables to The Venture last week! The children and I had loads of fun playing chefs cooking up a soup and blending smoothies. 

They loved learning what all the fruit and vegetables were called and obviously tasting them afterwards. A big thank you to Sophie, Tia and Layla for volunteering to help me make sure the kitchen was spic and span at the end. 


Last Saturday was lovely and sunny and we all had a lovely day! The children introduced me to the game "squares" - basically hide & seek/tag. I spent most of my time hiding up in the big tree house. I'm not sure who enjoyed the game more, the staff or the children.

We also sang Happy Birthday to Layla and she brought in a yummy chocolate cake to share with all of us. I'm looking forward to next Saturday, although I think the weather might be a bit different...


On Thursday the children helped me do some Art & Crafts ready for a little surprise next Saturday! Keep your eyes peeled on The Venture' website and Facebook Page to find out more!


Hello again,


We’ve had a busy day this Saturday feeding the birds in the Nature! I can’t wait to have a look with the children next week to see if the birds have eaten all the food we left them.

We also had a bit of a Karaoke/Disco Saturday night around the fire when a young person brought some speakers down to the playground. They had me playing loads of music, ranging from '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton to 'Mans Not Hot' by Big Shaq! I can see this becoming a thing...


See you next week :-) 


Hi all! The children loved last week's cooking so much we decided to do some more today! We decorated some biscuit with icing and sprinkles and it's fair to say they all loved it.

There were some fab designs: One child made a landscape, one made a smiley face with chicken pox and some of the children made some beautiful for the staff. 

We also ad a big game of tag which soon tired me out. I think tey were all working together as I seemed to always be "it". I'll have to practice my running and hiding skills ready to play again next Saturday. 

If you have any suggestions of what activities I could do with the children please don't hesitate to throw them my way. Contact The Venture to let me know :-)


Hi everyone!

My name's Rhiannon Jones and I’m currently studying my first year of Youth and Community Work at Glyndŵr University. I’ll be at The Venture until April working 3 days a week including taking part in the Youth Club sessions.

I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and I’ve loved being by the fire at night. I’ve almost learnt to make one, I just need to have a go at doing one myself!

I had great fun last Saturday cooking with a group of children, although we made quite a mess! We made chocolate and marshmallow rise crispy cakes and I take it that they were delicious as the children ate them all up before I had a chance to try one ha-ha! The children were great cooks and I think we have some Gordon Ramsey and Nigellas in the making.

I'm looking forward to all the other adventures and activities that the Venture will bring me. 

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