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I'm Evrah Rose, a spoken word poet and social activist from the mighty town of Wrexham. My roots lie firmly within Caia Park, having grown up in Hullah Lane and moved around Caia in my late teens and twenties. It is my source of pride and reflection, with every brilliant opportunity that comes my way, my ambition is always encased by the positive experiences I had growing up in “The Park”, my awareness of the abundance of brilliant people, including my family, who reside there, and always with the many issues that people face. 
I began writing as a child as a way to express the difficult things I was experiencing, and it wasn't until late 2016 did I first reveal my writing to a friend. Five years on, I've achieved so many amazing things; the publication of my debut book, content writing for the BBC, my mug and voice on TV, news and Radio, collaborating with Wrexham AFC, active in various social and political campaigns and the privilege of advising, supporting and working with many incredible charities a few include; Chwarae Teg, Leonard Cheshire, Princes Trust and The Bevan Foundation. 
When I began my professional writing journey in 2017, the goal was to build a platform big enough to be heard, to have a positive, respected influence, and to use that privilege to support others, those hurt by social inequality and injustice, my thoughts, always being with young people in Caia Park, who's tenacity, strength and ingenuity, never fail to inspire me and push me to fight for positive, inclusive change. 
I spent a lot of time at The Venture as a child. Days filled with adventure, laughter and... mischief. The fireman's pole was my Everest, after many failed attempts to confront my fears, I was convinced by my sister that a can of Iron Brew would give me the strength and bravery to tackle it, to reach out and take the leap... Man, did I get it Done! That was some magic can of pop. 
When Malcolm asked if I'd like to be trustee, I bit his hand off. It was an incredibly proud moment. To not only have that personal experience of the playground, but to be able to support it professionally, is quite humbling. The Venture is ruggedly beautiful and all children are encouraged to play, explore and are totally free to express themselves. Malcolm is as old as the wood and one of the most dedicated people I’ve met, of course, the staff are just incredible and fun people. 
Quite simply, The Venture isn’t just a playground, it is an escape, a safe space and for many children and young people, it’s home.


Evrah Rose

  • Former playground attendee

  • Renowned poet

  • Contributing artist for BBC Sesh and Big Ideas Wales

  • Author

  • Activist


Evrah Rose

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